Bletas School Renovation

The Ymer Mingo, Blatas School renovation was completed in Aug. 2019.
The Blatas School, a neglected elementary school in a small village near Pogradec, Albanian. The school was in dire need of attention.  It had almost no heat, broken windows, no running water or working restrooms, and in very poor condition.

The scope of the Blatas School project included landscaping, painting the school inside and out, replacement and repair of doors and windows, repairs to the roof shingles, electrical and lighting repairs, desk and chair repairs, installing all new bathroom fixtures and installing water lines and pumps from the water well that was re-drilled by the Lions Club of Pogragdec. We also installed playground equipment with swings, slides.

The project was completed by the Winegar family representing the Albanian Faith Foundation, our in-country Project Coordinator, Xhuljo Kashari, 12 local contractors and 40 volunteers from the Lions Club of Pogradec, students, teachers and parents along with missionaries and members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints. The highlight of the project was to see the excitement of the children as they returned to their renovated school with water and heat. The children were elated!

Special thanks to the Sorensen Legacy Foundation for their financial support along with donations to the Albanian Faith Foundations, the Lions Club of Pogradec, and the local government. Also a special thanks to Ty Dutcher (a 13 year old Eagle Scout) for raising over $1,200 for much needed school supplies.

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